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Melnikov L. A., Konjuhov A. I., Veshneva I. V., Derbov V. L., Serov V. V. Nonlinear dynamics of spatial and temporal patterns in lasers and atom optics: Kerr-lens mode-locked laser, Zeeman laser and Bose-Einstein atomic condensate. Izvestiya VUZ. Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, 2002, vol. 10, iss. 3, pp. 40-62. DOI: 10.18500/0869-6632-2002-10-3-40-62

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Nonlinear dynamics of spatial and temporal patterns in lasers and atom optics: Kerr-lens mode-locked laser, Zeeman laser and Bose-Einstein atomic condensate

Melnikov Leonid Arkadevich, Yuri Gagarin State Technical University of Saratov
Konjuhov Andrej Ivanovich, Saratov State University
Veshneva Irina Vladimirovna, Saratov State University
Derbov Vladimir Leonardovich, Saratov State University
Serov Vladislav Victorovich, Saratov State University

Nonlinear dynamics оf spatial and temporal behaviour of laser and atom optical systems is investigated numerically. Systems with nearly one scalar transverse mode (Kerr-lens mode-locked laser), with large number of vectorial transverse modes (Zeeman laser with large Fresnel number and anisotropic cavity), and non-ground collective states of Bose-Einstein condensate of trapped neutral atoms are considered. Attempts to classify the complex transverse polarization pattern dynamics are made basing on the vectorial Karhunen-Loeve modes and their singularity points character, including catastrophes and Newton diagrams. Excitation оf non-ground states оf atomic Bose-Einstein condensate via resonant perturbation is analyzed.

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This work was supported in part by grant REC-006 of the US Civilian Research and Development Foundation for the Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (CRDF).
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