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Increasing the sensitivity of real-time method for diagnostic of autogenerators phase synchronization based on their non-stationary time series

Purpose of this work is to of the research – Increasing the sensitivity of a method for diagnosing phase synchronization of autogenerators based on their non-stationary time series in real time, and also a comparison of the statistical properties of the proposed modification of the method with the well-known method for diagnostics of loop synchronization, which has proven itself in the analysis of experimental data.

Повышение чувствительности метода диагностики в реальном времени фазовой синхронизации автогенераторов по их нестационарным временным рядам

Цель исследования – модификация предложенного ранее метода диагностики интервалов фазовой синхронизации систем по их нестационарным временным реализациям, ориентированного на анализ сигналов объектов биологической природы в реальном масштабе времени для повышения чувствительности диагностики.

Coherence resonance in uhf devices with long interaction

This work presents results of experimental studies of coherence resonance phenomenon in UHF devices with long interaction (TWT and BWO). Basic properties of this phenomenon were investigated. Discovered suppression effect of resonant response on external noise by external harmonic signal. This suppression effect can be used to increase signal-tonoise ratio in system’s output. Specific features of coherence resonance phenomenon in long-interaction devices also noted.

Synchronization self-sustained oscillators interacting through the memristor

Aim. The aim of the paper is to study the mutual synchronization of two periodic selfsustained oscillators with a detuning of frequencies interacting through a memristor. It is supposed to give an answer to the question of the possibility of synchronization in this case and of its probable features. Method. The study is carried out by methods of theoretical analysis and computer simulation of oscillations in a system of two van der Pol oscillators interacting through a memristive conductivity. As the latter, an idealized Chua memristor is used. Results.