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differential equations

On the genetic divergence of two adjacent populations living in a homogeneous habitat

The purpose is to study the mechanisms leading to the genetic divergence, i.e. stable genetic differences between two adjacent populations coupled by migration of individuals. We considered the case when the fitness of individuals is strictly determined genetically by a single diallelic locus with alleles A and a, the population is panmictic and Mendel's laws of inheritance hold. The dynamic model contains three phase variables: concentration of allele A in each population and fraction (weight) of the first population in the total population size.

Multistability and memory effects in dynamical system with cosymmetric potential

The purpose of present study is the analysis of strong multistability in a dynamical system with cosymmetry. We study the dynamics and realization of steady-states in a mechanical system with two degrees of freedom. The minimum potential energy of the system is achieved on a curve in the form of an ellipse, which gives rise to a continuum family of equilibria and strong multistability. This problem belongs to the class of dynamical systems with cosymmetry. Methods.