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ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

diffusion coefficient

Formation of a multi-domain spatial structure in gaas Gunn diode as a nonlinear phenomenon

Experimental studies of stationary distributions of the electric field intensity and the concentration of charge carriers in the Gunn diode have been provided by using near-field microwave microscope. The numerical computer calculation of these quantities based on the dependence of electrons mobility and diffusion coefficient on the electric field has been carried out. The existence of a multidomain mode of Gunn diodes has been found experimentally and confirmed theoretically.

Nonlinear dynamics of the formation of a spatially inhomogeneous structure in pin diode

The paper presents the results of experimental investigation of stationary distributions of the electric field and the charge carrier concentration in the PIN diode. The investigations have been carried out by use of near­field scanning microwave microscope. Numerical calculations of these values have been performed taking into account the dependence of the mobility and the diffusion coefficient of electrons and holes on the electric field. The alternating maxima and minima form of the field distribution near the contacts and the conductivity has been demonstrated.

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