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ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

laser dynamics

Local dynamics of laser chain model with optoelectronic delayed unidirectional coupling

Purpose. The local dynamics of the laser chain model with optoelectronic delayed unidirectional coupling is investigated. A system of equations is considered that describes the dynamics of a closed chain of a large number of lasers with optoelectronic delayed coupling between elements. An equivalent distributed integro-differential model with a small parameter inversely proportional to the number of lasers in the chain is proposed.

Normalized boundary value problems in the model of optoelectronic oscillator delayed

Purpose of this work is reduction of differential-difference-model of optic-electronic oscillator to more simple normalized boundary value problems. We study the dynamics of an optoelectronic oscillator with delayed feedback in the vicinity of the zero equilibrium state. The differential-difference-model contains a small parameter with the derivative. It is shown that in a certain neighborhood of the bifurcation point, the number of roots of the characteristic equation that have a real part close to zero increases unlimitedly with decreasing small parameter.