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Wave processes in a ring of memristively coupled self-excited oscillators

The purpose of this work is to reveal intrinsic peculiarities of the dynamics and spatial structure formation in an ensemble of the coupled van der Pol self-oscillators in a case of memristive coupling. Two models of memristive coupling are considered: an idealised memristive model and a real one exhibiting the effect of «forgetting» of an initial state after a long time. Methods. Numerical simulation of the equations describing the system under study by means of the fourthorder Runge–Kutta method is carried out.

Волновые процессы в кольце мемристивно связанных автогенераторов

Цель настоящего исследования заключается в выявлении особенностей динамики и формирования структур в ансамбле генераторов ван дер Поля, вызванных мемристивным характером взаимодействия между его элементами, для двух моделей мемристивных проводимостей: с <<идеальной памятью>> и реалистичной, предусматривающей <<забывание>> начального состояния мемристивного элемента через большой промежуток времени.

Synchronization self-sustained oscillators interacting through the memristor

Aim. The aim of the paper is to study the mutual synchronization of two periodic selfsustained oscillators with a detuning of frequencies interacting through a memristor. It is supposed to give an answer to the question of the possibility of synchronization in this case and of its probable features. Method. The study is carried out by methods of theoretical analysis and computer simulation of oscillations in a system of two van der Pol oscillators interacting through a memristive conductivity. As the latter, an idealized Chua memristor is used. Results.