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Нелинейные динамические системы

Modelling ensembles of nonlinear continuous time dynamical systems in active ultra wideband wireless networks

The paper deals with a new multi­element processor platform to model the behavior of interacting dynamical systems – active wireless network. Each dynamical system modeling process, is associated with an active network node. The interaction between the dynamical systems is made through the transfer of information on the state of the system through radio channels between nodes of active network. Platform capabilities are demonstrated by an ensemble of oscillators Kuramoto. Describes the technique of modeling, experimental results and their analysis.

Propagation of microwave ultrawideband chaotic signals through the solution emulating media within bodies of mammals

The problem of ultrawideband chaotic radio pulse propagation through the media within living organisms is considered in this article. This area gains relevance due to the increase of wireless communications applications in medicine, especially in diagnostics. It is important to research in advance the circumstances of radio signal propagation and their influence upon different wireless communication systems.