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parametric oscillations

Mixed forced, parametric, and self-oscillations with nonideal energy source and lagging forces

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of retarded forces in elasticity and damping on the dynamics of mixed forced, parametric, and self-oscillations in a system with limited excitation. A mechanical frictional self-oscillating system driven by a limited-power engine was used as a model. Methods. In this work, to solve the nonlinear differential equations of motion of the system under consideration, the method of direct linearization is used, which differs from the known methods of nonlinear mechanics in ease of use and very low labor and time costs.

Chaotic dynamics of pendulum ring chain with vibrating suspension

Topic and aim. The aim of the work is to introduce into consideration a mechanical system that is a chain of oscillators capable of demonstrating hyperbolic chaos due to the presence of attractor in the form of the Smale–Williams solenoid. Investigated model. We study the pendulum ring chain with parametric excitation due to the vertical oscillating motion of the suspension alternately at two different frequencies, so that the standing wave patterns appear in the chain with a spatial scale that differs by three times.