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ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

stochastic processes

Frequency entrainment and anti-entrainment of coupled active rotators synchronized by common noise

Topic and Aim. We study the effect of common noise on the ensemble of coupled active rotators. Such a noise always has a synchronizing effect on the system, whereas the coupling may be attracting (synchronizing) or repulsing

Frequency repulsion in ensembles of general limit-cycle oscillators synchronized by common noise in the presence of global desynchronizing coupling

Topic. We study the interaction of two fundamentally different synchronization mechanisms: by means of coupling and by means of the driving by a random signal, which is identical for all oscillators – common noise. Special attention is focused on the effect of frequency divergence arising from the competition between these mechanisms. Aim. The aim of the paper is to construct a universal theory describing such an interaction for a general class of smooth limit-cycle oscillators with a global coupling.

Synchronization in kuramoto–sakaguchi ensembles with competing influence of common noise and global coupling

We study the effects of synchronization and desynchronization in ensembles of phase oscillators with the global Kuramoto–Sakaguchi coupling under common noise driving. Since the mechanisms of synchronization by coupling and by common noise are essentially different, their interplay is of interest. In the thermodynamic limit of large number of oscillators, employing the Ott–Antonsen approach, we derive stochastic equations for the order parameters and consider their dynamics for two cases: (i) identical oscillators and (ii) small natural frequency mismatch.