ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

Time-delay systems

Reconstruction of neutral time-delay systems

The methods are proposed for the reconstruction of time-delay systems modeled by neutral delay-differential equations from their time series. The methods are successfully applied to the recovery of generalized Mackey–Glass equation and equations modeling ship rolling and human movement from simulated data.

Delay time estimation from time series based on nearest neighbor method

The method is proposed for delay time estimation in time-delay systems from their time series. The method is based on the nearest neighbor method. It can be applied to a wide class of time-delay systems and it is still efficient under very high levels of dynamical and measurement noise.

Method for generalized synchronization detecting and its application to communication systems

A method is proposed for generalized synchronization detection which does not exploit an auxiliary system. The method operates in a real time and uses a single response system that is driven alternately by the drive system signal and its delayed copy. A system of secure communication based on the proposed method is developed that has high resistance to noises of a transmission channel. The proposed communication system is studied both numerically and experimentally.

Influence of inertial properties and delay of the mean field on the collective dynamics of globally coupled bistable delayed-feedback oscillators

The features of collective dynamics of oscillators are studied in an ensemble of identical bistable time-delay systems globally coupled via the mean field. The influence of inertial proper-ties and delay of the mean field on the collective dynamics of oscillators is considered. It is shown that a variety of oscillation regimes in the ensemble is caused by the presence of bistable states with considerably different basic frequencies in coupled oscillators.