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Nonlinear Dynamics and Humanities

To place concepts dualism at the service of «two synergeticses» synergy

Integration of «natural history» with «the humanities» is mission and strategy of Synergetics. Whether the situation of «two Synergeticses» («authentic» and «metaphorical», on V.G. Budanov) contradicts them? The author shows that presence «of two Cultures» realized still by G.B. Vico is stipulated by concepts dualism. Concepts are units of collective knowledge and perception. Some of concepts accumulate scientific generalizations, other keep human values.

Nonlinear space of the m. Bulgakov’s novel «the master and margarita»

The article deals with experiments with artistic space in the M. Bulgakov’s novel «The Master and Margarita». The parallel with P.Florensky’s theory about the double geometric plane is drown.

Fractal art

The article considers various aspects of fractal art phenomenon, especially fractals in painting and literature. The works by B. Mandelbrot, which demonstrated the versatility of fractal geometry and raised the question of its aesthetic value, had a great influence on art and humanities studies. But in most cases, the term «fractal art» is used metaphorically. As a rule, these properties of fractals properties are taken for comparison: self-similarity, autoreference and possible infinity of iterations.

Popularization of science by example of journal «Schrodinger’s Cat»: Analytical reviewing experience

Topic. The article discusses popular science journalism in Russia using a popular science journal called «Schrodinger’s Cat» as the example. Favourable conditions are now being created for the development of a new round of relations between science and society. In recent years, the state and the public have shown interest in science, therefore, there is a growing need for scientific popularization and new popular science publications. The article reflects the characteristic features of «Schrodinger’s Cat» which contribute to the popularization of science.