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Poizner B. N. Hommage Dmitry Ivanovich Trubetskov, or scientist and times: typology of relations. Izvestiya VUZ. Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, 2018, vol. 26, iss. 3, pp. 127-153. DOI: 10.18500/0869-6632-2018-26-3-127-153

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Hommage Dmitry Ivanovich Trubetskov, or scientist and times: typology of relations

Poizner Boris Nikolaevich, National Research Tomsk State University

Aim of the work is the model of relations between the scientist and the evolving social system. The model describes the key components of creative activity, the features of the sociocultural situation and the factors that can affect creative productivity. Method of the study combines principles of the description of a purposeful activity system by V. I. Korogodin, scale of creative subjects by E. A. Sosnin, as well as introduced by M.N. Epstein the concepts of createme, cohistoricity, chroneme, etc. Results. The working concept «creative context», revealing the conditions in which the scientist operates, is introduced. Contexts differ in the motivation (or demotivation) degree of the scientist. The principle of creative contexts ordering is proposed. A table containing 16 contexts of creativity is constructed (under the assumptions made). The table and comments to it can serve as a heuristic to a novice researcher. In particular, he is capable of: reflecting the components of the purposeful activity system; evaluating the creative level; diagnose the current stage of the evolution of the creative team; to correlate the levels of his creativity with this stage; to correlate his creative claims with the evolution stage of the social system. Discussion. The assumptions under which the table of contexts is constructed are substantiated, and comments to it are given. Some creative contexts from the table can be verified on historical and scientific subjects in the books of D. I. Trubetskov, S. E. Shnol, M. Perutz. As a matter for discussions concepts «dysergy» (the antonym of synergy) and the «false present» or the «unreliable present» (characteristic of the stage of degradation of the social system) are proposed. The thesis is analyzed: the degree of motivation (or demotivation) of a scientist depends on the measure of synergy (or dysergy) between the level of his creativity and the stage of the life cycle of the social system. 

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