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Kuznetsov A. P., Stankevich N. V., Chernyshov N. Y. Stabilization of chaos in the rossler system by pulsed or harmonic signal. Izvestiya VUZ. Applied Nonlinear Dynamics, 2010, vol. 18, iss. 4, pp. 3-16. DOI: 10.18500/0869-6632-2010-18-4-3-16

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Stabilization of chaos in the rossler system by pulsed or harmonic signal

Kuznetsov Aleksandr Petrovich, Saratov Branch of Kotel`nikov Institute of Radiophysics and Electronics of Russian Academy of Sciences
Stankevich Nataliya Vladimirovna, National Research University "Higher School of Economics"
Chernyshov Nikolaj Yurevich, Saratov State University

The stabilization of chaos in the Rossler system by external signal is investigated. Different types of external action are considered: both of pulsed and harmonic signal. There are illustrations: charts of dynamical regimes, phase porters, stroboscopic section of Poincare, spectrum of Lyapunov exponents. Comparative analysis of efficiency of stabilization of band chaos and spiral chaos by different signal is carried out. The dependence of synchronization picture on direction of acting pulses is shown.

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