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Kuznetsov Aleksandr Petrovich

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ведущий научный сотрудник Саратовского филиала Института радиотехники и электроники им. В.А. Котельникова РАН

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Dynamics of coupled generators of quasi-periodic oscillations with equilibrium state
The effect of symmetry breaking on reversible systems with myxed dynamics
Maps with quasi-periodicity of different dimension and quasi-periodic bifurcations
Критическая динамика одномерных отображений. Часть 2. Двухпараметрический переход к хаосу
Critical dynamics for one-dimensional maps part 1: feigenbaum's scenario
Analogy in interactions of electronic beams and hydrodynamic flows with fields of resonators and periodic structures
Analogy in interactions of electronic beams and hydrodynamic flows with fields of resonators and periodic structures
Coupled self-­sustained oscillators of different nature by example of van der Pol system and brusselator
Four-dimensional system with torus attractor birth via saddle-node bifurcation of limit cycles in context of family of blue sky catastrophes
Autonomous systems with quasiperiodic dynamics examples and their properties: review
Amazing robert adler. Adler’s tube, Adler’s equation, and more
Features of the parameter plane of two nonidentical coupled Van der Pol – Duffing oscillators
About scaling properties in the noisy circle map at the golden-mean winding number
Stable quasi-periodic and periodic regimes initiated by the short pulses in system with unstable limit cycle
Conservative and dissipative dynamics of Ikeda map
Synchronization in systems with bimodal dynamics
Dynamics of two nonidentical coupled self-sustained systems with period doublings on the example of Rossler oscillators
«Nonlinear minimum» in the theory of discrete maps
About scaling properties of identical coupled logistic maps with two types of coupling without noise and under influence of external noise
Critical behavior of asymmetrically coupled noisy driven nonidentical systems with period-doublings
Verification of hyperbolicity conditions for a chaotic attractor in a system of coupled nonautonomous van der Pol oscillators
Features of the synchronization picture by the pulses in the system with 3-dimensional phase space by the example of the Ressler system
Scaling in dynamics of duffing oscillator under impulses influence with random modulation of parameters
Informal physics
Research problems
On the critical behavior of non-identical asymmetrically coupled Chua’s circuits
The comparative analysis of synchronization by a harmonious and pulse force by the example of lorentz system
Properties of synchronization in the system of nonidentical coupled van der pol and van der Pol – Duffing oscillators. Broadband synchronization
Dynamics of the sprott’s coupled oscillators with nonidentical control parameters
Chaotic dynamics in the systems of coupling nonautonomous oscillators with resonance and nonresonance communicator of the signal
Problems for educational course «dynamical chaos»
Qualitative analysis and discrete map for the kinematic problem: solutions of problems of scientifc olympiad
Scientific olympiad «physicist-researcher»
Coupled van der pol and van der Pol–Duffing oscillators: dynamics of phase and computer simulation
Period doubling maps with driving parameter modulated by delayed feedback
Autooscillating system with compensated dissipation: dynamics of approximated discrete map
Pulsed synchronization and synchronization in coupled systems: new aspects of classical problem
Bogdanov–Takens bifurcation: from flows to discrete systems
On the way towards multidimensional tori
Phase dynamics of periodically driven quasiperiodic self­-vibrating oscillators
Stabilization of chaos in the rossler system by pulsed or harmonic signal
Synchronization in coupled self­sustained oscillators with non­-identical parameters
Autonomous generator of quasiperiodic oscillations
Phenomenon of the van der pol equation
Synchronization and multi-frequency quasi-periodicity in the dynamics of coupled oscillators
Changes of the parameter plane of driven auto-oscillatory system caused by delayed modulation of the parameter
Dynamics of three coupled van der Pol oscillators with non-identical controlling parameters
The research of excited by external signal system of two coupled van der Pol oscillators at transition to the regime of amplitude death in the autonomous system
On modelling the dynamics of coupled self-oscillators using the simplest phase maps
Bifurcations of three­ and four­dimensional maps: universal properties
«Oscillator death» and quasiperiodic bifurcations in low-dimensional ensemble of van der Pol oscillators
Complex dynamics in the system of two coupled discrete Rossler oscillators
Subharmonic resonance in a system of two dissipative coupled van der Pol oscillators with external force
Doubling and destruction of the tri-frequencies torus in the nonlinear oscillator under quasi-periodic exitation: experiment
Synchronization of coupled generators of quasi-periodic oscillations upon destruction of invariant curve
A nonlinear world for the young
Nonlinearity: from oscillations to chaos
Analysis in Physics
Physics of quasi-periodic oscillations