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partical directed coherence

Human brain state monitoring in perceptual decision-making tasks

The purpose of this review is to observe the current state of research on sensorimotor integration in the human brain during visual perception and subsequent decision-making under conditions of ambiguous information. Methods. This review examines the approaches of time-frequency wavelet analysis for brain activity when performing perceptual tasks, as well as the possibility of using such methods in the tasks of constructing brain – computer interfaces. Results.

Mathematical model and dynamical analysis of the human equilibrium seeking training

The purpose of this work is to determine the ability of the partial directed coherence method to identify the
directed interaction between nonlinear systems correctly in presence of nonlinear couplings between systems, as well as
in the case when the measured signals are generated by objects of high dimension. The another purpose is to determine
the dependence of the coupling estimation results on the parameters: series length, sampling rate, model dimension and the

Waves of strain in two coaxial cubically nonlinear cylindrical shells with a viscous fluid between them

Subject of the study. Longitudinal deformation waves are investigated in physically nonlinear coaxial elastic shells with a viscous incompressible fluid between its. There are taken into account effect on the amplitude and speed of inertia wave of the fluid and the environment, and as well as the damping properties of the structural materials, from which the waveguides are made.