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Experimental studies of chaotic dynamics near the Theorist

The purpose of this work is to review of works in which experimental studies of the regularities of chaotic dynamics revealed theoretically in works of S.P. Kuznetsov were carried out. Methods. The research methods used are primarily based on the construction of experimental schemes; they correspond most closely to the mathematical models proposed and theoretically and numerically investigated by S.P. Kuznetsov. These are systems of radio engineering oscillators with various types of communication and impact, autogenerators with various types of feedback. Results.

Synchronization of reactively coupled phase oscillators driven by external force

Synchronization of two reactively coupled van der Pol oscillators with external force is investigated in this paper. We consider and compare quasi-periodic motion of oscillators with frequency-locked mode. The paper includes maps of Lyapunov’s exponents, twoparametric bifurcation diagrams and phase portraits. Possible types of motion in driven system are discussed.

Changes of the parameter plane of driven auto-oscillatory system caused by delayed modulation of the parameter

The driven auto-oscillatory system with the delayed modulation of driving amplitude was investigated. It was shown that synchronous regime destructs in different ways at small and large modulation amplitudes. The changes in the «driving amplitude–driving frequency» plane were revealed.