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Reconstruction of equations

Reconstruction of neutral time-delay systems

The methods are proposed for the reconstruction of time-delay systems modeled by neutral delay-differential equations from their time series. The methods are successfully applied to the recovery of generalized Mackey–Glass equation and equations modeling ship rolling and human movement from simulated data.

Reconstruction of ensembles of coupled time-delay systems from time series

The methods for the reconstruction of model delay-differential equations for ensembles of coupled time-delay systems from their time series are proposed. The methods efficiency is illustrated using chaotic and periodic time series from chains of diffusively coupled model and experimental time-delay systems for the cases of unidirectional andmutual coupling.

Reconstruction of coupling architecture and parameters of time-delayed oscillators in ensembles from time series

Purpose. To suggest a new approach to reconstruction of couping architecture and individual parameters of first-order time-delayed oscillators from experimental series of their oscillations. Method. The method is based on minimization of target function, which characterizes a distance between points of nonlinear function of a current oscillator, which is to be reconstructed. Then estimated coupling coefficients are split into significant and insignificant. Minimization of target function is processed with least squares routine.

Reconstruction of unidirectionally coupled time-delayed systems of first order from time series of the driven system

Time-delayed systems, including coupled ones, became popular models of different physical and biological objects. Often One or few variables of such models cannot be directly measured, these variables are called hidden variables. However, reconstruction of models from experimental signals in presence of hidden variables can be very suitable for model verification and indirect measurement.