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Skripal Anatolij Vladimirovich

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Doctor of Sciences
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Зав.кафедрой СГУ
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Область научных интересов: биомедицинская физика, лазерная физика, физика магнитных жидкостей, нанотехнологии. Опубликовал более 100 статей по указанным выше направлениям.

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Usanov D. A., Skripal A. V., Avdeev K. S. Laser autodyne measurements of ear-drum displacement caused by change of sound pressure level
Skripal A. V., Chanilov O. I., Usanov D. A., Kamyshanskij A. S. Reconstruction of unharmonic motion function of subject by semiconductor laser signal operating in autodyne regime
Usanov D. A., Skripal A. V., Usanova T. B., Rytik A. P. The change of the heart activity character under nystagmus suppression during periodic light influence
Usanov D. A., Kashenko T. P., Skripal A. V., Rabichev I. E., Usanova T. B., Jachmeneva E. I., Gorshkov A. M., Gubkina G. L. Change of parameters of fluctuating motions of eyeball as a result of periodic light influence at difficult character of nistagm
Usanov D. A., Skripal A. V., Avdeev K. S. Spectrum of semicondactor laser autodyne at focusing radiation
Usanov D. A., Skripal A. V., Skripal A. V., Abramov A. V., Kletsov A. A. Nonlinear dynamics оf microwave and optical semiconductor oscillators
Usanov D. A., Skripal A. V., Kalinkin M. Y. The reason of blurring regions of phase pattern for autodine signal of semiconductor laser during movement of the external reflector
Skripal A. V., Usanov A. D. Synchronization of the eye movements of daphnia by external electric field