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ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

Van der Pol oscillator

Wave processes in a ring of memristively coupled self-excited oscillators

The purpose of this work is to reveal intrinsic peculiarities of the dynamics and spatial structure formation in an ensemble of the coupled van der Pol self-oscillators in a case of memristive coupling. Two models of memristive coupling are considered: an idealised memristive model and a real one exhibiting the effect of «forgetting» of an initial state after a long time. Methods. Numerical simulation of the equations describing the system under study by means of the fourthorder Runge–Kutta method is carried out.

The impact of electrical couplings on the dynamics of the ensemble of inhibitory coupled neuron-like elements

Topic. The phenomenological model of ensemble of three neurons coupled by chemical (synaptic) and electrical couplings is studied. Single neuron is modeled by van der Pol oscillator. Aim of work is to study of influence of coupling strength and frequency detuning between elements in the case of regime of sequential activity that is observed in ensemble of neuronlike elements with chemical inhibitory couplings. Method. The research is made with usage of analytical methods of nonlinear dynamics and computer modeling. Results.