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Modeling of gradient-like flows on n-sphere

A general idea of the qualitative study of dynamical systems, going back to the works by A. Andronov, E. Leontovich, A. Mayer, is a possibility to describe dynamics of a system using combinatorial invariants. So M. Peixoto proved that the structurally stable flows on surfaces are uniquely determined, up to topological equivalence, by the isomorphic class of a directed graph. Multidimensional structurally stable flows does not allow entering their classification into the framework of a general combinatorial invariant.

About the history of econophysics, nonlinear and evolutionary economics

The paper is devoted to the history of physics and evolutionary biology to economics. This influence began with the birth of economics as a separate field of scientific knowledge and changed  with the development of physics and biology. Strengthening the role of statistical methods in the  physics of the twentieth century, the birth of nonlinear physics, biology, evolution is reflected in the  economy and finance, resulting in the appearance of such area as econophysics, nonlinear and  evolutionary economics.