ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

«Izvestiya VUZ. AND», 2007, vol. 15, Iss. 3


Applied Problems of Nonlinear Oscillation and Wave Theory

Nonlinear Waves. Solitons

Vysockij S. L., Kozhevnikov A. V., Kazakov G. T., Nikitov S. A., Филимонов Ю. А. Magnetostatic surface waves parametric instability in two-dimensional (2d) magnonic crystals 58

Nonlinear Dynamics in Action

Sidorenko V. V., Surtaev V. N., Hasanov M. M. New approach to modeling of natural fluvial oil reservoirs 74

Bifurcations in Dynamical Systems