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Нелинейная динамика в лицах. История


Празднование юбилеев – одна из форм сохранения и охранения исторической памяти. Цель статьи – отражение вклада и особенностей участия физико-математического факультета СГУ при проведении юбилейных торжеств в 1935 г.

Problems of deterministic chaos theory in А. F. Goloubentsev’s works

A short review of contribution to the deterministic chaos theory, that had been made by professor Alexander F. Goloubentsev (Saratov University), is given.

Sergey P. Kurdyumov and his evolutionary model of dynamics of complex systems

Sergei P. Kurdyumov (1928–2004) and his distinguished contribution in the development of the modern interdisciplinary theory and methodology of study of complex selforganizing systems, i.e. synergetics, is under consideration in the article. The matter of a mathematical model of evolutionary dynamics of complex systems elaborated by him is demonstrated. The nonlinear equation of heat conductivity serves as a basis of the model. Under certain conditions, it describes dynamics of development of structures of different complexity in the blow-up regime.

International meetings of russian physicists in the past and the present

Information about 6th All-Union Congress of Physicists in 1928 and the 20th International Symposium «Nanostructures: Physics and Technology» in 2012 is given. The similarities in the principles of the organization are noted, the differences are discussed. Affinity of objectives of these activities and their relationship with the best traditions in domestic science are marked.