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Landa Polina Solomonovna

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Профессор, ведущий научный сотрудник МГУ

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Landa P. S., Ushakov V. G. Nonlinear systems with fast and slow motions. The change of the probability distribution of fast motions influenced by slow ones
Landa P. S. One more on universality of oscillatory and wave processes. Foundations for construction of mathematical models
Landa P. S. Nonlinear random waves in fluid, and the main mechanism of their excitation
Klimov V. I., Landa P. S. Простейшая модель экономического развития общества
Landa P. S. Yu.I. Neymark
Landa P. S. Self-oscillation of wire, heating by electric current, with the strain-resistive effect taking into account
Landa P. S. Changes in the effective parameters of averaged motions in nonlinear systems subject to noise or vibration
Landa P. S. Stall flutter as one of mechanisms of transmission line self-oscillations
Landa P. S. Excitation of chaotic and stochastic oscillations in different systems
Landa P. S. Self oscillations in distributed systems
Landa P. S. Self-oscillations in systems with finite degrees of freedom
Landa P. S., Vlasov V. A. Analytical consideration of the cosmic factor effects upon the fluctuations of brown particle velocities
Landa P. S. In memory of Yuri Isaakovich Neymark
Blekhman I. I., Landa P. S. Conjugate resonances in nonlinear systems under biharmonical action. Vibro-induced bifurcations
Landa P. S. On the partial synchronization
Landa P. S. Turbulence in jet flows: what is it?