ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

«Izvestiya VUZ. AND», 2012, vol. 20, Iss. 3

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Applied Problems of Nonlinear Oscillation and Wave Theory

Zavolskij N. A., Zapevalov V. E., Moiseev M. A., Sedov A. S. The investigation of subterahertz gyrotron for dnp spectroscopy in the iap ras 70

Deterministic Chaos

Nonlinear Dynamics and Neuroscience

Autowaves. Self-organization

Innovations in applied physics

Sominskij G. G., Sezonov V. E., Svetlov I. A., Tumareva T. A., Taradaev E. P. Development in spbspu of field emitters for electron devices operating at technical vacuum conditions 94
Nazarova M. V., Solncev V. A., Koltunov R. P., Shabanov D. S. Study of discrete electron-wave interaction in the passband and stopband of slow-wave systems 118