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Koronovskii Aleksei Aleksandrovich

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Doctor of Sciences
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1) ректорат, проректор по научно-исследовательской работе; 2) факультет нелинейных процессов, кафедра физики открытых систем, зав. кафедрой
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Область научных интересов - нелинейная динамика и ее проявления в различных сферах человеческой деятельности, в том числе нелинейная динамика социально-экономических процессов. Автор ряда статей в центральной печати, а также монографий.

Статьи автора

Statistical characteristics of noise-induced intermittency in multistable systems
The way to synergy. Excursion in ten lectures
Путь к хаосу в кусочно-линейной модели генератора на туннельном диоде
Method for generalized synchronization detecting and its application to communication systems
Synergetics and geoecology: ways of coevolution
Definition of the fractal dimension of Saratov ravine network
Application of continuous wavelet transform to analysis of intermittent behavior
Detection of unstable periodical spatio-temporal states of spatial extended chaotic systems dynamics
External magnetic field influence on the forming and dynamics of virtual cathode
Numerical investigation of nonlinear nonstationary process in a chain of coupled gyro-backward-wave oscillators
Higher harmonics generation in a relativistic electron beam with virtual cathode
Distribution of the laminar phases in the case of type-I intermittency with noise
Mathematical model and its numerical realization for the investigation and optimization of generators with electron feedback
Temperature effect on drift velocity of electrons in superlattice in electric and tilted magnetic fields
Wideband chaotic generation and optimization of characteristics in microwave generator with electronic feedback and magnetic periodic focusing system
Progress and prospect of wavelet transform application to the analysis of nonstationary nonlinear dates in contemporary geophysics
Intermittency of type­-I with noise and eyelet intermittency
On the problem of computation of the spectrum of spatial lyapunov exponents for the spatially extended beam plasma systems
Effect of external periodic force on the dynamics of thecharge domains in semiconductor superlattice
The method of automatic diagnostics of various components of complex signals on the base of wavelet transform as applied to geophysics problems
Wavelet analysis of sleep spindles on EEG and development of method for their automatic diagnostic
Ring intermittency near the boundary of time scale synchronization
Effect of noise on generalized synchronization of spatially extended systems described by Ginzburg–Landau equations
Analysis of epileptic activity of brain in case of absence epilepsy: applied aspects of nonlinear dynamics
Intermittency near phase synchronization boundary at different time scales
Diagnostics and analysis of oscillatory neuronal network activity of brain with continuous wavelet analysis
Nonlinear dynamics of small perturbation of semiconductor superlattice reference state near generation threshold
Three-­dimensional simulation of virtode with toroidal cavities
Nonlinear dynamics and chaos in the counterstreaming electron beams with virtual cathodes in vircator without external magnetic field
Spectral components’ behavior in coupled pierce diodes near the phase synchronization boundary
Bifurcations and transitions to chaos in superlattice coupled to external resonator
Method for characteristic phase detection in systems with complex topology of attractor being near the boundary of generalized synchronization
Dmitry Ivanovich Trubetskov
On the possibility of explosive synchronization in small world networks
Higher school of Russia from the standpoint of nonlinear dynamics. Problems, estimates, models
The Way to Synergy: A Tour in Ten Lectures