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Vadivasova Tatjana Evgenevna

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профессор кафедры радиофизики и нелинейной динамики физического факультета СГУ

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Synchronization self-sustained oscillators interacting through the memristor
Noise-induced effects in the double-well oscillator with variable friction
Self-­sustained oscillations in quasiharmonic and chaotic oscillators in the presence of fluctuations
Running waves in a discrete anharmonic self-oscillating medium
Influence of noise on chaotic self-sustained oscillations in the regime of spiral attractor
Spectral analysis of oscillations in the system of coupled chaotic self-sustained oscillators
Stochastic resonance, stochastic synchronization and noise-induced chaos in the duffing oscillator
Studying of spatial transition to temporal chaos in active medium with unidirectional coupling
Chaos suppression and spectrum narrowing in a noise-stabilized unstable nonlinear oscillator
Experimental study of stochastic phenomena in a self­sustained oscillator with subcritical andronov–hopf bifurcation
Noise-induced bifurcations in bistable oscillator
Stochastic bifurcations
Noise induced parametric instability and stochastic oscillations in the oscillator with nonlinear dissipation
Period doubling bifurcations and noise excitation effects in a multistable self-sustained oscillatory medium
The studies of the arising of oscillations in the quasi­harmonic model of the self­sustained oscillatory medium under multiplicative noise excitation
Estimation of the main parameter values of nonlinear dynamic system with noise in experiment
Bifurcations in van der pol oscillator with a hard excitation in a presence of parametrical noise: quasi-harmonic analyzes and the numerical simulations
Wave processes in a ring of memristively coupled self-excited oscillators
To the memory of Vadim S. Anishchenko
Synchronization of regular, chaotic and stochastic fluctuations
Lectures on nonlinear dynamics