ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

«Izvestiya VUZ. AND», 2007, vol. 15, Iss. 6


Applied Problems of Nonlinear Oscillation and Wave Theory

Blashke D. B., Prozorkevich A. V., Smoljanskij S. A., Filatov A. V. Kinetic theory of low momentum p-meson production from quark condensate 38
Usanov D. A., Kashenko T. P., Skripal A. V., Rabichev I. E., Usanova T. B., Jachmeneva E. I., Gorshkov A. M., Gubkina G. L. Change of parameters of fluctuating motions of eyeball as a result of periodic light influence at difficult character of nistagm 45

Nonlinear Waves. Solitons

Goncharov P. P., Dzhelauhova G. S., Chechin G. M. Discrete breathers and quasibreathers in nonlinear monoatomic chains 57

Autowaves. Self-organization

Methodical Papers on Nonlinear Dynamics