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Ponomarenko Vladimir Ivanovich

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Родился в Саратове (1960). Окончил Саратовский государственный университет (1982). Защитил диссертацию на соискание ученой степени кандидата физико-математических наук (1992) и доктора физико-математических наук (2008). Ведущий научный сотрудник Саратовского филиала Института радиотехники и электроники им. В.А. Котельникова РАН. Область научных интересов: нелинейная динамика, системы с запаздыванием, синхронизация, моделирование биологических систем. Автор более 200 научных публикаций.

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Influence of inertial properties and delay of the mean field on the collective dynamics of globally coupled bistable delayed-feedback oscillators
Reconstruction of unidirectionally coupled time-delayed systems of first order from time series of the driven system
Reconstruction of coupling architecture and parameters of time-delayed oscillators in ensembles from time series
Method for generalized synchronization detecting and its application to communication systems
Reconstruction of ensembles of coupled time-delay systems from time series
Estimation of characteristics of self-oscillating time-delay systems in periodic regime
Technique of investigation of synchronization between oscillatory processes with the frequency of 0.1 Hz in the human cardiovascular system
Chaos in the phase dynamics of q­switched van der pol oscillator with additional delayed feedback loop
Using arduino platform in the measurements and the physical experiment
Delay time estimation from time series based on nearest neighbor method
Reconstruction of neutral time-delay systems
Autonomous system generating hyperbolic chaos: circuit simulation and experiment
Reconstruction of model equations of networks of oscillators with delay in node dynamics and couplings between them: Review
Reconstructing the neuron-like oscillator equations modeled by a phase-locked system with delay from scalar time series
Experimental studies of chaotic dynamics near the Theorist
Increasing the sensitivity of real-time method for diagnostic of autogenerators phase synchronization based on their non-stationary time series
Common mechanisms of attractorless oscillatory regimes in radioengineering models of brain thalamocortical network