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Ryskin Nikita Mikhailovich

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Doctor of Sciences
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главный научный сотрудник

Статьи автора

Study of synchronization in the system of two delay-coupled gyrotrons using a modified quasilinear model
Study of miniaturized low-voltage backward-wave oscillator with a planar slow-wave structure
Модуляционная неустойчивость волн пространственного заряда
Уединенные волны пространственного заряда
Gyrotron frequency stabilization under the influence of external monochromatic signal or wave reflected from the load: review
"модель лоренца" для описания конвекции в магнитной жидкости
Peculiarities of calculation of the Lyapunov exponents set in distributed self-oscillated systems with delayed feedback
Synchronization of periodic oscillation in a delayed-feedback oscillator by external harmonic driving
Controlling chaos in Ikeda system. Spatio–temporal model
Controlling chaos in Ikeda system. Symplified discrete map model
Reflex klystron as an example of a self­-oscillating delayed feedback system
Synchronization of the system of two competing modes by external harmonic signal
Effect of reflection from remote load on mode competition in gyrotron with quasi­-optical mode convertor
Nonlinear Waves
Nonstationary discrete theory of excitation of periodic structures and its application for simulation of traveling-wave tubes
Nonlinear dynamics of the backward-wave oscillator as the origin of nonstationary microwave electronics
Nonlinearity: from oscillations to chaos
Nonlinear dynamics of distributed systems: Delayed systems, vacuum microwave devices, systems of interacting non-linear waves