ISSN 0869-6632 (Print)
ISSN 2542-1905 (Online)

«Izvestiya VUZ. AND», 2013, vol. 21, Iss. 2

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Applied Problems of Nonlinear Oscillation and Wave Theory

Hutorjan E. M., Ponomarenko S. S., Kishko S. A., Lukin K. A., Kuleshov A. N., Efimov B. P. Autooscillations in o-type oscillator at excitation of space-surface mode in resonator with a periodically inhomogeneous grating 9
Sherbinin S. A., Goncharov P. P., Chechin G. M. Investigation of stability of nonlinear normal modes in electrical lattices 34
Вакуленко Н. В., Ivashenko N. N., Kotljakov V. M., Sonechkin D. M. On the period-multiplying bifurcation of glacial cycles in the pliocene – pleistocene 88

Bifurcations in Dynamical Systems

Sudakov I. A., Vakulenko S. A., Sukacheva T. G. New type of bifurcations in the modified rayleigh–benard ? convection problem 145

Deterministic Chaos

Nonlinear Dynamics and Neuroscience

Autowaves. Self-organization

History of Nonlinear Dynamics. Personalia