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The ring system with nonlinear elements, described by the two waves interaction model, manifesting the phenomena of complex analytical dynamics

This paper proposes a method of constructing of the ring system, in which the phenomena of complex analytical dynamics such as the Mandelbrot and Julia sets, are implemented in some approximation. The system is non-autonomous, includes frequency ?lters and nonlinear elements, described by the model of the resonant interaction of waves in quadratic nonlinear dispersive medium.

Passage of the magnetostatic wave propagating through the lattice on the basis of the magnon crystal

The paper presents the results related to the construction of a model based on the coupled waves to describe the characteristics of magnetostatic waves passing through the structure on the basis of one-dimensional magnon crystal at various geometric parameters of the structure and at ?nite values of the input power.

On the question of two self-exciting oscillation models in non- physical systems

In this article Wilson-Cowan model for interactions of excitatory and inhibitory neurons and model of currency oscillations on a Forex market were considered.

One more on universality of oscillatory and wave processes. Foundations for construction of mathematical models

Nonlinear systems with random sources are considered. As a rule, such systems cannot be solved both analytically and numerically. But due to the universality of the oscillation theory we can use simple models and obtain qualitative results.

International meetings of russian physicists in the past and the present

Information about 6th All-Union Congress of Physicists in 1928 and the 20th International Symposium «Nanostructures: Physics and Technology» in 2012 is given. The similarities in the principles of the organization are noted, the di?erences are discussed. A?nity of objectives of these activities and their relationship with the best traditions in domestic science are marked.

From the history of the chair formation

This is the fragments from my unpublished book «I learned and worked in the Soviet Union». These fragments are date back to the ?rst years of the «electronical education» at the Saratov State University. The ?rst part of the memory notes «I learned in the USSA» was published in the journal «Applied Nonlinear Dynamics» (2009, vol. 17, № 1, p. 103).

«and may for ever live his blessed memory...»

Doctor of chemistry, honored science worker of the Russian Soviet Federative Socialist Republic, Professor Roman Victorovich Mertslin was an outstanding scientist, an eminent public ?gure, Rector of Perm and Saratov universities, a talented teacher, and an organizer of science. R.V. Mertslin’s interests were in the ?eld of theoretical and experimental research of heterogeneous condensed states in multicomponent systems. His works, being of great importance for the development of a theory of phase equilibrium, are  well-known to numerous domestic and foreign scientists.

Subjective evaluation of semantically unlike objects during exchange transactions

The work is devoted to quantitative modelling of regularities in the subjective comparison of the significance of unlike material and mental objects which are of a substantial value for a man. It is assumed that each object is perceived by a man as a complex semantic stimulus characterized by subjective significance and a finite set of the features which are to be taken into account.

Activity synchronization of different neuron types in the columns of the cerebral visual cortex

The results of neurophysiological and modeling studies focused on activity synchronization among of different types of neurons and spike shape dynamics in two bistability transition states have been presented. In modeling study, spike duration range of «fast» or «slow» neurons recorded in neurophysiological experiments were simulated.

Cognitive neurodynamics two strategies navigation behavior of organisms

The conceptual model and computer simulations results of path integration in free­scalable nonlinear oscillator neural networks with even cyclic inhibition (ECI­networks) are discussed in this paper. To estimate the phase shifting under input impact the ECI­networks contain two subsystems namely reference and information ones. The population of reference (nonencoding) oscillatory units has significant role in generation and stabilization of numerous time scales despite it don’t assist directly in the phase pattern encoding of input signals.