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Applied Problems of Nonlinear Oscillation and Wave Theory

Simple and complex dynamics in the model of evolution of two populations coupled by migration with non-overlapping generations

Purpose is to study the mechanisms leading to genetic divergence (stable genetic differences between two adjacent populations). We considered the following classical model situation. Populations are panmictic with Mendelian rules of inheritance. The action of natural selection (differences in fitness) on each of population is the same and is determined by the genotypes of only one diallel locus. We assume that adjacent generations do not overlap and genetic transformations can be described by a discrete time model.

Local dynamics of laser chain model with optoelectronic delayed unidirectional coupling

Purpose. The local dynamics of the laser chain model with optoelectronic delayed unidirectional coupling is investigated. A system of equations is considered that describes the dynamics of a closed chain of a large number of lasers with optoelectronic delayed coupling between elements. An equivalent distributed integro-differential model with a small parameter inversely proportional to the number of lasers in the chain is proposed.

Experience in assessing heart rate variability by smoothed cardiointervalograms

The objective of this study is to show the possibility of using the smoothing cardiointervalograms (CIG) method which is solely time domain analysis of CIG to separate and display the influence of various mechanisms of human physiological regulation systems on his heart rate. Methods.This paper shows the possibility of using the method of smoothing the cardiointervalogram by means of a moving average for its subsequent decomposition into slow and fast components. Decomposition results are visualized by line graphs and pseudo-phase portraits.

Correlation of attracting sets of tool deformations with spatial orientation of tool elasticity and regeneration of cutting forces in turning

Nowadays, the dynamic cutting system is represented in the form of two subsystems — tool and workpiece, interacting through a nonlinear relationship formed by the cutting process. Such a representation determines the importance of studying the dynamics of the cutting process as the main factor influencing the efficiency of machines, the trajectories of the executive elements of which are set by CNC and are provided with high accuracy.

Generation of double-frequency radiation in monotron with three-gap cavity

Purpose of this work is to study modes and conditions that make it possible to excite the highest type of microwave oscillations, the frequency of which is a multiple of the frequency of the main type, in a monotron with a three-band resonator.

Study of gyrotron synchronization by an external harmonic signal based on a modified quasi-linear theory

Topic. The paper is devoted to the study of synchronization of a gyrotron by an external harmonic signal. A theoretical study of gyrotron synchronization processes by means of a computational experiment based on certain traditional models of microwave electronics does not provide a complete description of the synchronization pattern. Therefore, the goal of the paper is to develop a modified quasi-linear model based on an approximation of the electron susceptibility by rational functions. Methods.

Increasing the sensitivity of real-time method for diagnostic of autogenerators phase synchronization based on their non-stationary time series

Purpose of this work is to of the research – Increasing the sensitivity of a method for diagnosing phase synchronization of autogenerators based on their non-stationary time series in real time, and also a comparison of the statistical properties of the proposed modification of the method with the well-known method for diagnostics of loop synchronization, which has proven itself in the analysis of experimental data.

Mixed forced, parametric, and self-oscillations with nonideal energy source and lagging forces

The purpose of this study is to determine the effect of retarded forces in elasticity and damping on the dynamics of mixed forced, parametric, and self-oscillations in a system with limited excitation. A mechanical frictional self-oscillating system driven by a limited-power engine was used as a model. Methods. In this work, to solve the nonlinear differential equations of motion of the system under consideration, the method of direct linearization is used, which differs from the known methods of nonlinear mechanics in ease of use and very low labor and time costs.

Intracavity optical parametric oscillator: Model of dynamic system with different values of time delay for pump and signal radiation

 Most of intracavity pumped optical parametric oscillators (OPO) are made nowaday according to a scheme with a single-resonance OPO located in the cavity of a pump laser. Usually the cavities of the pump and OPO (signal) emission have different values of round-trip time (delay). Aim of the study is therefore to build up the mathematical model of intracavity optical parametric oscillator (ICOPO) considered as a time-delay dynamic system with two values of delay in both cavities (the pump and signal). Methods.

On the genetic divergence of two adjacent populations living in a homogeneous habitat

The purpose is to study the mechanisms leading to the genetic divergence, i.e. stable genetic differences between two adjacent populations coupled by migration of individuals. We considered the case when the fitness of individuals is strictly determined genetically by a single diallelic locus with alleles A and a, the population is panmictic and Mendel's laws of inheritance hold. The dynamic model contains three phase variables: concentration of allele A in each population and fraction (weight) of the first population in the total population size.